Our meals offer diverse flavours, wholesome ingredients, and cultural richness, providing a unique and delightful dinning experience.

Why Choose Fresh&G?

At Fresh&G we prioritise nutrition and convenience, catering to busy lifestyles by offering balanced and delightful options that bring joy to your dining experience.

Variety and Exploration

Our bundles offer a diverse range of Congolese dishes, allowing you to explore a variety of flavours and culinary traditions. It's a fantastic way to try new dishes and find your favourites without committing to large quantities of a single item.

Reduced Food Waste

Our bundle options offer portioned servings, reducing the risk of food waste. You can enjoy the right amount of each dish without leftovers going unused

Ideal for Special Occasions

Our Congolese meal bundle options are perfect for special occasions, cultural celebrations, or introducing friends and family to the delights of Congolese cuisine without the stress of cooking everything from scratch.